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Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 21:00

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In 1982, after split of Sharlo Acrobat (Šarlo akrobata), legendary former Yugoslavian post-punk/new wave band, who once shared stage with British new wave act Gang Of Four (1981, Zagreb Music Biennale, Croatia, former Yugoslavia), Sharlo’s bass player & vocalist Koya (Koja), also known as Green Tooth (Zeleni Zub) formed duo Disciplina kičme, with an unusual line-up consisting of just bass/vocals + drums.

During next 10 years, various additions to basic bass+voice+drums line-up appeared (additional drummer, 2 drummers+2 trumpeters, sax+trumpet).Band released 7 LPs on the domestic market, constantly toured the country and played festivals in Yugoslavia, Austria and Italy.

After the war in Yugoslavia broke out in 1991, Koya, who became almost legendary for his revolutionary use of the bass guitar as a lead instrument, moved to London, UK. Wanting to present the band more loudly in Europe, he found a new drummer and female vocalist, changed his alias to Black Tooth and name of the band to Disciplin A Kitschme.

Influenced by the underground dance culture of the nineties, Disciplin A Kitschme started experimenting with trance, techno and ultimately jungle, recreating their sounds and rhythms with the sole use of Koya’s bass-guitar playing and live drumming.

The band released 2 CDs and couple of singles (I’ve Got Those Teknicolor Eyes, song which pioneered live jungle & rock crossover!) at the UK market for Babaroga Records, a small wing under the auspices of the UK’s largest independent, Pinnacle, and established themselves as genuine “unique jungle-influenced rave rock”(NME), “the missing link between the rock and the dance generation backed by astonishing playing skills” (Billboard). Highlight was the brilliant review of their first CD I Think I See Myself On CCTV (1996, Babaroga, UK) by London newspaper The Times who called it “one of the most intriguing deranged albums of the year…”

Their 2nd CD release Heavy Bass Blues (1998, Babaroga, UK) was recorded at the legendary Adrian Sherwood’s On-U-Sound studio in a collaboration with Skip McDonalds (Little Axe, Tackhead, African Headcharge), who also sung on the album.During the same year, they played two songs live on BBC GLR 94.9 Robert Elms Show, couple of days later completely filled London Jazz Caffe and toured Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy and all former Yugoslav republics.

After the release of another CD (Refresh Your Senses, Now!, 2001, Babaroga/Tom Tom Music, Yugoslavia) and some promotional gigs (London 100 Club, Holland, Yugoslavia), Koya returned to Belgrade and decided to pause band activities for a while.

In 2004, new and sharp Disciplin A Kitschme bass/vocal + female vocal + drums/vocal line-up emerged, with addition of a percussionist. Their superb powerful appearance at Exit 05 festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, provoked UK Mojo Magazine to publish their photo in the September 05 issue, labeling them as: “serbian junglist-punk politicos”.

DVD Disciplin A Kitschme: Uživo sa Egzita/Live At Exit! was released in March 2006, while the new album: Kada kažeš muzika, na šta tačno misliš, reci mi? (What exactly do you mean when you say music, tell me?) was released in May 2007, both on major Serbian label PGP RTS.

In July 2011 band released new album, named “Uf!”, (this time featuring additional keyboard) as a special digital download on EXIT MUSIC Festival Label and as CD on PGP RTS /Crorec.




Friday, March 29, 2013 21:00
Friday, March 29, 2013 23:00
120 kroner
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