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Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 21:00

| 60 kroner


Huldre is a Danish folk metal act with strong emphasis on the folk elements of this genre. Pulling on the varied backgrounds of its seasoned and experienced musicians, Huldre creates heavy and melodic folk metal based on the legacy of medieval Danish and Nordic folk music.

After Vile and Ve slaughtered their ymer and created the earth, they saw that man was divided and dreary! Vile and Ve couldn’t understand the reason why, but Odin knew what man needed! Odin gathered all of his might and with all the powers of the world he cast onto the world of Midgaard a band of hearty Vikings. These brave men and women called themselves Vanir! And they decided to help man through the power of mead, meat, fornication, and metal! Vanir, named for divine lineage of Njord, Freja, and Frej, had their task blessed by the gods, as they demanded that the metal be played loud enough for even Odin’s throne, Lidskjalv, to tremble. Vanir journeyed on to share their folkmetal with Midgaard’s people and to create feasts of such magnitude that they would be heard from Udgaard to Asgaard until the the day the Gjallerhorn would be heard!

Heidra was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark a dark winter in 2006 by a group of musicians inspired by the more melodic genres of metal. They sought to create music you do not see much in the Danish metal scene that incorporated the harshness of black metal, as well as the symphonic and melodic aspects of, for example, power metal and folk music.


Friday, March 15, 2013 21:00
Friday, March 15, 2013 23:00
60 kroner
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+45 32578422
Sydområdet 4B, 1. sal København K, 1440