FREDAG 28. DEC 2018 - KL 21.00






We are very happy to once again welcome SANKT HELL to Loppen.
Four acts will spread their fear and darkness over this Christmas holiday, and we guaranty that you will forget all about the disappointing soft gifts and boring family traditions.
Mustasch - formed in 1998 in Gothenburg by Ralf Gyllenhammar (vocals, guitar) and Hannes Hansson (guitar) with the ideology to make music solely to their own liking. No matter what anyone else thought, Mustasch was to do their own thing - no compromises. Shortly Stam Johansson (bass) and Mats ”Dojan” Hansson (drums) joined the band, and not only because they liked the music but also for the reason the band name were chosen. During the grunge music era of that time, numerous parties based on moonshine, cheap tobacco and lots of hard rock almost always resulted in vinyl sleeves lying all over the apartment the day after. And on one hungover day it just came to them. Mustaches were worn by all the ’70s hard rock musicians : Tony Lommi, John Lord, Freddie Mercury, David Byron etc. Thus the band name Mustasch.
Slowly but insistently, resounding bass riffs and a brutal death vocal will pierce through your body, as Konvent make you feel their love of heavy and simple old school doom. Last year Konvent released a demo, which quickly became the beginning of a warm welcome into the Danish underground scene, and they have since then played all over Denmark with great reviews. At the moment they’re focusing on making new material to release.
Dirt Forge from Copenhagen, Denmark was founded in 2013. The trio plays a version of doom/sludge metal with inspiration from High On Fire, Mastodon, Crowbar and Black Sabbath, among others, and use a heavy of dynamic soundscapes with everything from slow, fragile melodies to crushing ri s and thunderous drums. Dirt Forge is an intense live band, which, with ear-ripping guitar riffs, seismologic bass lines and a drum set that suffers by a incredibly hard-hitting drummer, without a doubt will leave a lasting impression on all concert goers.
Through the time and universe of rock-history, there have been a few words interlocking the important events. Words as Loud, Groovy, Electrifying and Over the top – words that also could describe Swedens Hypnos. A band that holds the capacity to unite an audience of headbangers, stoners, retro-kids and old farts. Wherever you find Hypnos you will find awesome rock music.
With their twin guitar hooks a la Thin Lizzy, powerful vocals reminding you of a young Halford or Dickinson, groovy rhythm section and stunning stage performance it’s hard not to get going by their show. There is a playful vibe over the band. There is something more than just 70´s retro or 80´s revival. Hypnos have their home in Gothenburg a city that is notorious for their high amount of quality rock acts. Hypnos is very much a central part of the city’s contemporary rock-scene where you among other can find acts as Night Viper, Honeymoon Disease, Horisont, and Graveyard.
Fredag 28. dec 2018
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